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The North GA Mountains History Center believes in paying it forward. We want to collaborate and partner with your company. By collaborating and sharing resources, we can reach our shared goals faster. Partnerships help pool resources and expertise, help to build a positive brand association, and offer opportunities to expand on programs and reach all communities within our region.

If your company is interested in collaborating with us, reach out to us and let’s sit down and discover how our organizations can work together. Contact Jan Murphy, President of NGMHC via email or phone.

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GOAL 1 Preserve History

Heritage preservation focuses on the collecting and preserving of the heritage components that relate to the North Georgia area. Cataloging collections, preserving artifacts, and seeking new additions to the collections are important aspects of this pillar.

GOAL 2 Educate and be an educational icon

Education relates to the learning opportunities associated with historic elements in the area. Working with school groups, youth, service clubs and community organizations to promote genealogy and increase awareness about historical events by providing educational resources, programs and information. Coordinate with homeschool associations to include them in our learning programs. Provide free admission to low income families to learn about innovation and explore how they can become innovators.

GOAL 3 Drive business to the region

North GA Mountains History Center seeks to establish the History & Military Center as a regional tourist attraction. Creating community partnerships are focused on new and existing projects that relate to the mandate of North GA Mountains History Center. Working on initiatives that foster community development will provide benefits and opportunities for growth to the organization and to the region.

We’re plan on collaborating with the Dawson, Cherokee, Pickens, and Gilmer Chambers to coordinate more visitor attractions to each county.

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